Living in Walla Walla for the better part of a decade has allowed us to enjoy our fair share of wines. However, we’ve always felt something was missing; a wine that was at once delicious, playful and affordable – because after all, we think that wine should be fun! Since crushes often lead to amazing celebrations, we strive to make wines that can be shared casually with our girlfriends, as well as at important life events. Our wines are the perfect addition to bridal showers, impromptu dinner parties, date nights, and most everywhere in between! They manage to retain the complexity and quality that we’ve come to expect from the Walla Walla Valley, all while exhibiting a whimsical touch. These are wines crafted by women, for women, that can stand on their own. Each bottle that we produce has our stamp of approval – after all, we are the quality control team! As our story evolves, we will remain as devoted to the details as ever. We strive to be a fresh, contemporary take on the way we socialize and the way we enjoy wine. We’re obsessed with bringing you the best wines available at incredible prices. Most of all we want you to have fun with our product!
So get the girls together soon, uncork a bottle or two, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.
Amanda & Angela